Gemini Certification

Get Gemini certified! Here, you'll find the instructions on how to get certified and the courses you may need to prepare for the Certification Exam.  Let's go!

-Certification instructions
-Preparatory courses
-Exam registration 


Certification Instructions

Ready to get Gemini Certified? We're ready to help! Please take a moment to read through the instructions regarding the certification.   

  • Click here to get registered to take the Gemini Certification exam. (After registration, you will need to allow 1 hour for your exam to populate in your exam portal while you review our Yahoo Gemini courses.)
  • Depending on your knowledge and comfort level with Gemini, you can prepare for the certification exam by taking the courses on this page or you can go straight to the exam. It's your choice. 
  • All courses are optional, anonymous, and contain short practice quizzes. Keep them handy while completing your exam. 
  • The certification exam requires you to register with a registration key. Reach out to your Oath team and we will provide that for you. We'll also need your corporate email address and name. 

The Certification exam contains 40 questions.

Upon completion of the exam, you'll immediately see a results page with your Pass/Fail status. 

If you pass, you will receive an email announcing your achievement and providing a Gemini certification badge that you can add to your signature. 

Your name will be tracked as Gemini Certified for one year. 

If you fail, you can retake the exam up to 5 times total. 


If you pass the exam and achieve certification, your certification is valid for one year. 

After one year, you will be required to retake the exam to maintain your certification. 


Preparatory Courses

The courses below will help you prepare for the exam. They are all optional, anonymous, and free! Each course contains a short practice quiz. The practice quiz questions can help you prepare for the certification exam. 

Gemini Native Gemini Search
 What is Yahoo Gemini?  What is Yahoo Gemini?
 What is Native Advertising?  Gemini Search Overview
 Native Advertising Opportunities Search on Native 
 Native Ads at Yahoo Gemini Search Account Structure 
 Selecting the Campaign Objective Gemini Search Features
Setting Native Bids Campaign Management
Bidding Strategically Ad Policy 
Choosing Effective Images Ad Copy 
Writing Effective Ads Ad Serving
Gemini Native Targeting   Managing Keywords
Targeting Strategically   Bulk Sheets
Gemini Native Video Ads  Conversion Tracking
   App Install Ads Gemini Search Reporting
Carousel Ads  
 Creating Gemini Native Reports  


Exam Registration

Please register here to take the certification exam and allow one hour following registration for your exam to populate to your account.

When you are ready to take the exam:

1. Following the one-hour registration period, click here to access the exam by entering the user ID (your corporate email address) and password you created upon registration.  

2. Under "My Learning Assignments," click on the Gemini Certification Exam to begin. 

3.  Once you have finished your exam, you will immediately receive your exam score. You will also receive an email with your Yahoo Gemini Certified badge to add to your email signature, LinkedIn page or your resume. 

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